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Hot button sssues and the influence of self talk

Self-talk, or our internal monologue, often has contrasting effects; used correctly self-talk is one of the most effective methods of instilling self-confidence. Negative self-talk involves thinking or saying anything that reflects a lack of […]

Posted 2 years ago by Catherine Robertson
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An Introduction to Sports Psychology for Beginners Online Course

This course is an introduction to sport psychology for beginners. The course has been developed for those who wish to learn more about the field of sport psychology and how it is applied to […]

Posted 6 hours ago by BelievePerform

The role of imagery in the rehabilitation setting

Imagery is the ability to use all the senses to create or recreate an experience in the mind. Thus, imagery is a sensory experience that occurs in the mind without environmental props. Imagery research […]

Posted 4 days ago by Sidd Sampla

Is elite sport focused too much on results?

Within sport we want to teach players transferable skills that they can use in all areas of life. We want to teach players social and psychological skills that can help them to thrive in […]

Posted 6 days ago by BelievePerform

Impression Management

Let’s be honest, everyone tries to impress other people on a daily basis. We all (or at least most) try to impress others – whether that is demonstrating positivity, attempting humour, or simply laughing […]

Posted 7 days ago by Mark Keep

The Relative Age Effect in Sport

The attainment of sports expertise has been of great interest to coaches and sport psychologists. Talented athletes are identified from a young age and enter programmes to help them develop into elite athletes. A […]

Posted 2 weeks ago by Karim Tayara

Psychology of Golf with Dr Brian Hemmings

Check out this short video from sport and exercise psychologist Dr Brian Hemmings

Posted 2 weeks ago by BelievePerform

Meditation in Sport

Within your life how often do you find time to relax and reflect? In today’s society we often lead lives where we are working at 100mph and we take very little time to focus […]

Posted 2 weeks ago by BelievePerform

Becoming an Effective Part of a Player’s Team

Check out this great short video with Dr Brian Hemmings Sport and Exercise Psychologist

Posted 2 weeks ago by BelievePerform

Marathon Mindset

The 2015 Edinburgh Marathon is almost upon us. The gun will go off at 9.50am on 31st May with thousands of runners streaming out of Edinburgh on the 26.2 mile course. I will be […]

Posted 2 weeks ago by Mark Brodie

Rethinking Obesity

Four decades after the beginning of the global obesity epidemic, awareness of the threat of obesity to the population’s health and well-being can be seen in a plethora of national reports and strategic plans […]

Posted 3 weeks ago by Nicole Wiggins

What is a Panic Attack?

Given the high demands of life in our fast moving society, we are all vulnerable to experiencing feelings of both stress and anxiety. Feelings of nervousness, worry and fear are therefore common symptoms, which […]

Posted 3 weeks ago by Catherine Robertson

Overcoming Open Water Swim Anxiety

All those hours of training, the expensive new gadgets, and missed social engagements, have all come down to this moment in a chilly lake with 100 other people, all fiddling with goggles, checking GPS […]

Posted 3 weeks ago by Phoebe Sanders

Podcast 014: Dr Richard Neil Sport and Exercise Psychologist

Rich is a Reader in Sport and Exercise Psychology in the Cardiff School of Sport. He is also the Programme Director for the B.Sc. (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science Degree.  Rich joined the School […]

Posted 4 weeks ago by BelievePerform

How will self talk influence tennis players competing at Wimbledon?

With the Wimbledon tennis championship fast approaching, there will be a number of the worlds best tennis players preparing physically and mentally for the challenges that await them. Tennis is a high paced sport […]

Posted 4 weeks ago by BelievePerform

The Relationship Between Motivation, Self- Confidence and Anxiety

There are a number of psychological influences which are said to have an impact on sporting performance and motivation, self- confidence and anxiety are three main components which are vital for shaping success when […]

Posted 4 weeks ago by Emily Cheek

Interactions of Motivation

Theories of Motivation Motivation is a key aspect of sport and can be used to predict an individual’s behaviour during a performance depending on what is driving them. It can be defined as: ‘the […]

Posted 1 month ago by Emily Cheek
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