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Psychological effects of training partners

Clubs are a vital part of sports such as Football and Hockey where a team is vital in order to train and compete, but training for individual sports, such as Running or Golf can […]

Posted 2 years ago by Catherine Robertson
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Positive Self-Talk in Sport

THEORY: Positive self-talk relates to the ability to overcome negative thinking. Those who practice positive self-talk are more likely not to suffer from negative thoughts. Positive self-talk allows performers to be more relaxed and […]

Posted 2 days ago by Gobinder Gill

Enhancing Self-Awareness – Maintaining a Psychological Mind Balance

Psychology is undoubtably a fascinating area that has many characteristics which can enpower people in both thought and emotion. Examples of extreme psychology can emanate from happiness, excitement and joy to fear, sadness and […]

Posted 3 days ago by Gobinder Gill

The 12 point Self-Confidence Plan

This article is written for the purpose of practitioners and performers in facilitating self-confidence levels. In practice, the 12 point self-confidence plan is a useful tool. This self-confidence plan is a set of statements […]

Posted 7 days ago by Gobinder Gill

A Guide to Mental Preparation – 10 steps to Success

Performers can use the following 10 steps to success when preparing for sport. Step 1 – Attitude – develop your attitude and become positive in outlook Step 2 – Set process goals – to […]

Posted 1 week ago by Gobinder Gill

Early specialisation and elite performance

Early specialisation is a major trend in child and adolescent sports (Hecimowich, 2004), but is this approach to athletic development research-driven and supported in both practice and theory? Some of the scientific basis behind […]

Posted 1 week ago by Frank Heggebo

Exercise and Dementia

Already, in the UK today, the scale of Dementia presents a worrying statistic – so much so that George McNamara, head of policy at Alzhiemer’s Society, has described the condition as the biggest health […]

Posted 2 weeks ago by Ben Walker

Can imagery increase the strength of a muscle?

Recently I conducted an experiment as part of a university assignment examining the predictions of bio-informational theory (Lang, 1979) and the effectiveness of imagery on enhancing muscle strength, using a finger strength task. Eight […]

Posted 2 weeks ago by Sean Doherty

Creating the winning mentality (Applying in the sports field)

I have elaborated on the discussion about the lack of the winning mentality in football minded Holland here: http://believeperform.com/performance/creating-winning-mentality/. In this article I will apply my thoughts into practice: how do we create the […]

Posted 2 weeks ago by Mauro van de Looij

Training the eyes

The development of scientific research in sport has given coaches the opportunity to extract tested training methods and apply them to practice. They have used the continuous publication of in depth and scientifically accurate […]

Posted 3 weeks ago by Henry Woodward

Food For Thought – Sports Psychology and Nutrition

We all know that nutrition helps the body complete the tasks we set for it, but does it also influence cognitive and psychological systems? Nutrition is an essential part of athletics, but the actual […]

Posted 3 weeks ago by Niklas Cederström

Pressures Athletes Face in Sport

Every range and level of sport demands correct and functional management in order to achieve a positive success rate. All athlete’s strive for excellence, where they will face stressors such as difficult relationships between […]

Posted 3 weeks ago by Kelly Bourne

Role of Sport Psychology in a Physical Therapy Setting

The medical field has recognized the importance of physical therapy in regards to injury recovery for many years. Specific exercise plans are carefully designed to strengthen the muscles weakened by injury so that the […]

Posted 3 weeks ago by Diane Gorog

Orthorexia: bridging the gap

Orthorexia is becoming increasingly well known across many individuals, within the media and by researchers. This relatively new identified eating disorder just may be the stepping stone between an individual who eats a ‘healthy’ […]

Posted 4 weeks ago by Sarah Griffiths

Tips for Creating a Strong Team Culture

The term ‘culture’ is thrown around a lot in sport.  However, what does it mean exactly and, as coaches, how do we create and maintain it?  While it is, largely, accepted that developing culture is […]

Posted 4 weeks ago by Warrick Wood

The Psychological Effects of Injury

Injury is one of the most common threats that athletes encounter during the season. Athletes frequently take part in major competitions despite ‘having a niggle’ or carrying a larger injury, ignoring the pain and […]

Posted 1 month ago by Nollaig O' Sullivan

Physical activity, Type 2 diabetes and the Transtheoretical Model of change.

There are around 2.7 million people diagnosed with diabetes in England, 90% of who have Type 2 diabetes (UK Health and Social Care Information Centre 2013); a chronic disease characterised by the body’s inability […]

Posted 1 month ago by Sarah Kelly

Developing a Coaching “Philosophy”

Most coaches that I’ve encountered have what they call a “coaching philosophy” which seems to me a quite broad and unexplained term. It can be anything from “give 110%” to an entire page of […]

Posted 1 month ago by Niklas Cederström

Bigorexia: The Internal Mirror

The term ‘muscle dysmorphia’ was coined in 1997 (Pope, Gruber, Choi, Olivardia, & Phillips, 1997) to describe this new form of disorder, commonly referred to as ‘reverse anorexia’, and now more commonly ‘bigorexia’. The […]

Posted 1 month ago by PRE PERFORM

The Danger of ‘Stereotype Threat’

In recent years, East Africans have dominated the middle- and long-distance running domains, Jamaicans prevail in sprint distances whilst the USA predominates in basketball. There are many reasons for this, including: physiological factors (such […]

Posted 1 month ago by Tom Hodgins
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