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Performance Yoga: How can yoga help athletic performance?

As a Yoga Teacher, Trainee Sport Psychologist, and English Champion of Olympic Weightlifting, I know how yoga can help athletes to maximise their physical and psychological potential and improve their performance. I use yoga […]

Posted 2 years ago by Nicola Hobbs
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Stephen Finn: How has self-belief influenced his bowling successes in The 2015 Ashes series?

Self-belief can be conceptualised as a positive frame of mind within an individual or team, which gives them the opportunity to pursue their targets and goals. It is a highly influential component of psychology […]

Posted 1 day ago by Henry Breck

Chelsea FC – A Very Public Affair…

It has been an interesting start to this year’s Premier League. Most notably, Chelsea have had their worst start to the season in 17 years. As a Liverpool fan, it’s always nice to see […]

Posted 3 days ago by Lisa O'Halloran

Coping strategies in elite sport

“The ability to perform successfully under pressure is a crucial aspect of sport performance.” (Mesagno, 2010, p. 343). A major problem for elite athletes is to deal with the feeling of ‘choking’ under pressure. Although […]

Posted 4 days ago by Dean Catterall

What are the benefits of sports psychology?

As someone who works within the field of psychology I am often asked the questions “What can sport psychology do for my performance?, What are the benefits?”. Within sport, psychology is often seen as […]

Posted 1 week ago by BelievePerform

Aggression in Football

In 1997, during a Manchester United v Leeds United match, Roy Keane attempted to trip Alf-Inge Haaland by kicking his leg and in doing so injured himself by tearing his cruciate ligament. Haaland felt […]

Posted 1 week ago by Nick Gearing

Marathon Des Sables – Sustaining Performance in Extreme Environments

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and […]

Posted 2 weeks ago by Katie Nichols

Superstitions in Sport

Superstitious rituals are defined as unusual, repetitive, rigid behaviour that is perceived to have a positive effect by the actor, whereas in reality there is no causal link between the behaviour and the outcome […]

Posted 2 weeks ago by Lauren Onojaife

Using Attachment Theory to Better Understand Your Athletes

Before beginning this article I should probably provide some insight into the types of issues raised to me by coaches that provoked me to write it. “It’s just not clicking at the moment, for […]

Posted 3 weeks ago by Elliot Newell

The Role of Parents in the Development of Disabled Athletes

The role of parents in the sporting development of young athletes has been a focus of research in sport psychology for decades. Academic research and applied work has been transformed into books, manuals, pamphlets, […]

Posted 3 weeks ago by Naomi White

What is happiness?

The beauty with happiness is that it means different things for different people. For some people happiness is about living life to its full and living in the moment. To others, happiness is about […]

Posted 3 weeks ago by BelievePerform

Le Tour de France 2015: Combating spectator hostility

There are very few sports other than road cycling, where fans and spectators can experience the sport so close to the elite athletes. This has pros and cons for athletes. The atmosphere can carry […]

Posted 4 weeks ago by Catherine Robertson

An Introduction to Sports Psychology for Beginners Online Course

This course is an introduction to sport psychology for beginners. The course has been developed for those who wish to learn more about the field of sport psychology and how it is applied to […]

Posted 4 weeks ago by BelievePerform

The role of imagery in the rehabilitation setting

Imagery is the ability to use all the senses to create or recreate an experience in the mind. Thus, imagery is a sensory experience that occurs in the mind without environmental props. Imagery research […]

Posted 4 weeks ago by Sidd Sampla

Is elite sport focused too much on results?

Within sport we want to teach players transferable skills that they can use in all areas of life. We want to teach players social and psychological skills that can help them to thrive in […]

Posted 1 month ago by BelievePerform

Impression Management

Let’s be honest, everyone tries to impress other people on a daily basis. We all (or at least most) try to impress others – whether that is demonstrating positivity, attempting humour, or simply laughing […]

Posted 1 month ago by Mark Keep
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