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Exercise, brain health, and ageing

Although there might be a general relationship between our age and how efficient our brains are, what seems to matter more than our actual age is how healthy our brain is. So what can we do […]

Posted 1 year ago by Helen O' Connor
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Interactions of Motivation

Theories of Motivation Motivation is a key aspect of sport and can be used to predict an individual’s behaviour during a performance depending on what is driving them. It can be defined as: ‘the […]

Posted 2 days ago by Emily Cheek

Developing confidence in sport

Throughout my time of running BelievePerform I have had the privilege to interview professional athletes, coaches and managers within sport. In every interview I ask the same question to each person “ What do you […]

Posted 3 days ago by BelievePerform

Moving the goal posts

Nine weeks ago I sustained a bad knee injury in training and 7 weeks ago I had significant knee surgery to repair it. My hopes of qualifying for Rio were suddenly shattered as was […]

Posted 4 days ago by Lisa Kearney

Podcast: Jim Thompson Founder of Positive Coaching Alliance

Jim Thompson is founder and CEO of Positive Coaching Alliance, a national non-profit organization he started in 1998 to transform the culture of youth sports into a Development Zone™ with the goal to develop […]

Posted 7 days ago by BelievePerform

Believe to Succeed

Anything is possible!  The famous scream from Kevin Garnett, who won a NBA championship with the Boston Celtics in 2008.  A statement so simple and full of emotion that even the most cynical person […]

Posted 1 week ago by Greg Margolis

How do you stop the All Blacks?

Rugby union is a game which is easily won, you put a physical person in a physical position. At the international stage there is arguable no better team at doing this the New Zealand […]

Posted 1 week ago by Del Kirwan

6 Steps to developing Confident Athletes Online Course

Learn 6 basic sport psychology steps to help you to increase the confidence of your players and athletes About the course This course is all about developing confident and successful athletes. It includes a […]

Posted 1 week ago by BelievePerform

Thyroid medication across athletes: understanding the cause for concern

There has recently been a lot of speculation regarding the use of medication for treating thyroid problems across the athletic population. It therefore seems fitting to try and grasp an understanding of the current […]

Posted 2 weeks ago by Sarah Griffiths

Social Influence and its effects on Exercise Addiction in Group Exercise

Social influence looks at how behaviour can be changed through pressures from others within a social context, once this pressure is understood it can be in turn used to influence participation in physical activity […]

Posted 2 weeks ago by Del Kirwan

Podcast 010: Dr Ian Mitchell Swansea City AFC & Wales National Team Performance Psychologist

Ian Mitchell is currently the Performance Psychologist for Swansea City AFC and the Wales National Team. As a schoolboy he was linked with Chelsea FC and captained Wales Under 18s before signing professionally for […]

Posted 2 weeks ago by BelievePerform

Goal setting: the key to lifestyle management

Goal setting is very important in sport. That is undeniable! Over time, athletes become very good at setting goals for training and competition, and often go through the process of setting clear, SMART goals […]

Posted 2 weeks ago by Elizabeth Egan

Mental Enhancements for Soccer Penalty-kicks

John Terry, one of the best soccer players in the world, steps up to take the penalty shot that will win Chelsea the prestigious Champions League Final.  He takes a moment and then approaches […]

Posted 3 weeks ago by Greg Margolis

Podcast 009: Dr Duncan Simpson

Dr. Duncan Simpson serves as an Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Undergraduate Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Program at Barry University, FL. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, Masters degree in Exercise Science from […]

Posted 3 weeks ago by BelievePerform

Sport Injury Response Survey

If you are over 18 years old and have experienced a sport injury then please take a moment to complete the survey below. Just click on the link and it will go straight through. Here […]

Posted 3 weeks ago by BelievePerform

Self-Belief, Mastery Experiences, and Performance in Sport

Considering the new name of the website, I thought it would be fitting to expand on the relationship between belief and performance. In order to maximize athletic potential, it is important to have belief […]

Posted 3 weeks ago by Lennie Waite

Psychological Responses to Sporting Injury

What is sporting injury? Injury is a common issue facing all sport performers (Ristolainen et al. 2012). Sporting injury can be defined as “loss or abnormality of bodily structure, or functioning, resulting from an […]

Posted 3 weeks ago by Sophie Williams

How to become a mentally strong athlete

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable” – Jillian Michaels Seek out challenging situations that push you to your limits more often. Spending more time attempting to overcome difficult conditions or opponents in your sport will help […]

Posted 4 weeks ago by Julie Blackwood

Studying Sports Psychology at University

Sports Psychology is an area which is constantly growing within the academic world. Sport students at both A Level and BTec will study at one least module focusing around sports psychology. To go on […]

Posted 4 weeks ago by BelievePerform

What are Learning Styles and what are their Implications for Coaching/Teaching?

So what learning style are you? It should be very easy to find out. You can simply take a number of written or online tests to tell you whether you are: Visual, Auditory, Reader, […]

Posted 4 weeks ago by James Barraclough
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